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Still Life Photographer | Product Photographer | Studio Photographer

Creating a visual concept

From simple packshots to complicated compositions, we strive to give the most eye-catching representation of any product.

The studio offers visual art direction and concept services- starting with investigating the brand and understanding its strengths And what will speak to the consumer. We create an inspiration board for the customer and choose the set, the atmosphere, The shadings, and the materials.  The studio obtains all the necessary materials for the photographs (except for the products that the client provides). On the day of the shoot, we work according to an organized plan and create the frames. 
We produce photos paying attention to all the small details. We build precise lighting for each set to emphasize the attributes of each product. At the end of the shooting day, we choose together the photos that will be photoshopped. The processed photos will be submitted to the customer about weeks after the day of the photoshoot

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